I’ve schooled a hundred times I bet at Fair Hill’s Sawmill cross-country field, maybe more. It’s old hat for Rugby. But today with Mogie’s help we did conquer some good preliminary questions. I learned even MORE about the canter. Thinking what KIND of canter, getting the canter, then seeing the distance to the fence, then keeping my leg on. Using the reins to not punish or direct but to guide and assist. We did a preliminary coffin question, a downhill log, two strides to a ditch, a stride to another log; the preliminary downbank question, a log three strides to a downbank. And a couple other things. Practicing that CANTER and changing it to get what I want. Very cool stuff. Despite my occasional lapse in skill, Rug just jumped the snot out of everything today. I am fortunate to have him.

Got home with enough daylight to play a little with Nice Guy. He still needs a name. He is just coming around every day. He is quieter with a good look in his eye. He has gained a bit of weight, I think, and will try and get photos tomorrow. I just hand grazed him today but will work on getting the new trick of lunging installed tomorrow. He doesn’t like his mane pulled, but other than that I can’t find a SINGLE thing he isn’t just a sweetheart about.  After I put him back, he hung around the gate, and I walked over to pet him — he came right to me,, let me scratch his forehead, play with his muzzle, and talk to him. He just stood there like, “you must be a nice person, maybe you are going to be my new Mommy,” and when I finally walked away, he nickered his little low blowing nicker at me. He must have just wanted some grain, I guess.