It’s been a couple of weeks since the last post; I’ve been out of town, so Lucky had a week off. Then, when I returned, we have been battered with 100 degree heat. Working horses in heat always seems a bit self-serving. It’s hard on the horses and me and for what? I’m not competing or showing in this so why keep hammering on them?

When we get a cool morning and time, Lucky is continuing on the lunge line and he’s getting it. We are now trotting for a good circle both directions without too much “back to the barn” wiggling. I am about ready to ride him, but he is not quite ready. Yesterday when I put the saddle on him he gave me the sour, head-bend-around-teeth-snap, so until he’s a bit happier about the mild, mild little work we do I will wait. I want him happy or at the least unconcerned about being ridden. In the meantime, he’s learning some manners about walking, about standing still, being in the barn with others. Not that he didn’t know all that before, but he’s just getting a refresher on not stepping on folks!

In the bad news department, the skin interruption on his back has actually spread a bit and is now looking like ringworm. In addition, his fecal sample came back with a worm egg in it, and we are waiting on knowing what kind of worm egg before treating the first of the month. He continues to gain weight slowly even in this heat. My pastures have begun to dry up pretty seriously so we are working on getting funds together to start putting in our hay stash for the winter, and may have to tap it for summer feeding.

I’m off to move the sprinklers. Hoping for a couple of showers so that Mother Nature can do sprinkler duty for a change! Will provide more photos when I can.

Also I have found a video online of Lucky when he won a race at Presque Isle Downs (listen for “Nice Guy”) link here, and also there is a thread on the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board, Event division, about Mr. Greeley, Lucky’s sire and some photos linked there of Mr. Greeley offspring some others own and ride — he’s certainly a dead ringer for a few!