When you see, just a glimpse, maybe three strides, of glory — it brings a smile to your face and all the worries of the day drop away. Luck’s got it going on. He is getting that the lunging does not need to be up in the bridle, squished and tense. He is relaxing, swinging a bit more in the back and lo and behold — dropping his head a little and coming forward!

The bad news is: he’s REALLY smart. The good news is: he’s REALLY smart! What I mean by  that is, he learns fast, and I will have to be on my game to make sure that the things I am doing are correct, every time, all the time — good pressure there! The bad is not really bad, it’s just that he learns very quickly, and will learn something taught incorrectly as quickly as he will learn the correct thing. So remedy is easy – teach only correct! Well, that’s an easy say – hard do! But being consistent is the best way to get that on its way.

We hope to ride today. Here’s some after-bath photos from last night. I think he’s gaining muscle and weight. We still have some skin issues.