Second ride this morning….still hot….and a thunderstorm and a couple of tenths of an inch of rain last night, and the ground bees or whatever were zipping around, banging off our heads and off poor Lucky’s neck and all…he does not like same! well, I can hardly blame him, me either! One left a mark on my forehead. He was excellent. Same as yesterday, hopped in saddle, led him a little, then unsnapped lead and walked him on his own, steered right and left in circle in front of barn, made him stand still just a minute or two and then hopped off. Love this horse. Less anxious than yesterday and very cooperative. He is going to be special. I haven’t sat on him longer than about 5 minutes in total both days, and only walked a little walk, and I don’t know why I know he’s going to be good, it just feels like it! Hooray for feelings.