Due to two days of extreme (as in over 105 degrees F.), Lucky got a couple days off, no work at all, just sitting in the barn in the afternoon under a fan, eating. It was abominable. Nothing you could do for them but wash them off with cool water when they sweated, and keep the fans running full blast.


Lucky clowning around in the barn….it might have been about 98 degrees when I took this picture….

Fortunately, got a break today with good rain, and it’s cooled off considerably. Back to work today. Due to my work level, I was unable to do more than just put on boots, bridles and lungeline to all of them. Lucky actually cantered a little but the ring is a bit small for him. He got the left lead OK, then switched when he got into the big corner; on the other direction, he wasn’t able to canter for more than a step or two, so we know that we need BALANCE before doing too much more on the lungeline. Balance. Balance. You go to sleep at night dreaming how to achieve better balance on every horse you ride…it’s all of success in the show ring or I am hoping work allows me to get into a comfortable schedule with the horses so I can point all of them towards some good achieveable goals this summer.