The crop dusting helicopter was flying low on his way back to the airstrip about 3 miles west of me, he was probably running low on fuel as he was quite slow. The redneck neighbors a couple of houses over was playing with what sounded like a pistol in his backyard. An ultra-light airplane was whining along over the back field. Bicyclists on the road in front of the house. Kids next door, out of sight, are splashing and playing and screaming loudly in the pool. My neighbor on the other side is merrily mowing in his John Deere zero turn.

Amidst this din, Lucky is trotting around with his first set of side reins on. He was doing his best to understand these things pulling on his mouth….”OK….if I put my head HERE, then they feel better, is that what you want?”

There is just nothing you can do to a Thoroughbred to make them afraid. They do not care what humans do. Absolutely amazing. Although he did pick his head up and check out the bicyclists!