I do not have a very good head for math, so I quickly jotted down some figures. Then I wrote the numbers on my hand. Then I looked up the dressage arena diagram and wrote those letters in order on the other hand.

Then, I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine, opened it, drank a glass, looked at the numbers I wrote on my hands and said, “I got this.” I went to the front yard, after gathering my supplies — dressage letters, cement blocks, a couple of unused jump rails, and a 100-ft. measuring tape. And my phone for the calculator on it. And the wine glass, but of course we had to fill it just in case all that work with the stuff made me thirsty.

I put the gloves on, started humping cement blocks around, and then strung out the measuring tape. OK, time to check the figures. Pull off Glove 1. Uh-oh. Sweat melts the ink. Well, have to re-figure feet and meters. Better sit down with calculator on phone. Better drink wine to keep the hummingbirds from mistaking it for nectar, wouldn’t want some drive-by hummingbird DWI’s. OK, all set. 20 meters this way, 19.8 feet that way. Cement block here. Rail there. Letter here.

Yup, got her good and straight

Oh darn, that sure looks crooked. Better rest a minute, and gee, I’m thirsty, what is there to drink about here? Oh here’s some wine left. Let’s see. Let’s get the letters right first. All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool. No that’s not right. Mother Bakes Fudge At Kathy Edwards House. Huh? Oh dear, now none of the numbers written on hand work. Gotta go back inside for diagram, oh, and while in there, might as well get the rest of that wine bottle. OK.

We’re good now. Got it all set up. The dressage arena is done. Wine bottle done, too. Can’t wait to ride in this tomorrow and practice for dressage show. What dressage show.