Have you been watching the Olympics? The world’s greatest horses and riders are competing in London. Until my data ran out I watched the NBC Olympics Live Extra feeds. Then I had to go find wi-fi (thank you McDonalds).

Things are August-heat-quiet around the farm. Lucky has done something to a hind tendon, somehow, someway. Horses all have the Self Destruct Button, and he pressed it one night when he came in for dinner. For now, he’s on R and R, with the leg wrapped and anti-inflammatories to help it be more comfortable. Hasn’t affected his appetite one bit. Vet says continue turnout, so he’s just keeping the grass down with his buddy horse, and our plans to get him to a little horse show this fall will be on hold until later on in the year. We’ll check and see how he is in a couple weeks and I’ll let you know how he is progressing. I never make plans. They always get broken!

Anne Moss photo of me and Rugby at a DVCTA early spring eventing clinic at Marty Detering’s in PA, I think probably 7-8 years ago

Rugby is doing well, but this is the difficult time of year for him with his photo-sensitivity, so I am being careful about his sunshine exposure. I’m hacking him a couple of times a week and jumping when shoeing, weather, footing, and time permit (that’s a perfect storm – good thing he doesn’t need much jumping, eh?)

We are happily out of the drought situation; various and sundry thunderstorms over the past couple weeks have really  helped out the pasture situation. I have continued working on the footing issue and my shavings track is working out really well, I am very happy with it so far. It is not slippery and is quite cushiony with some grip for the horses to both canter and trot over. I’ve also set up the dressage arena and have been schooling Indy a little bit to ready him for a little dressage schooling show locally. He is not enthused, but going along with the program…

So that’s the news. We said goodby to Eyami last week, and wish her well! We are waiting for our new boarder to arrive next week and have a couple other horses we may be adding to the stable soon, so stay tuned for more news. Oh and by the way I have updated both Mogie’s (www.foxhilleventing.com) and Theresa’s websites (http://reynardfarm.net), so go and take a look!