This is what happens when you are trying to take pictures of them and they are searching your pockets for treats! Photo Fail….

Finally he gave up and hit the grass again. Lucky had a scare on Friday night when he came in for dinner; he choked on a big gulp of grain. Fortunately, I was home and immediately got him outside, stuck a hose in his mouth and pushed the wad down with swallows of water, got 4cc acepromazine and bute in him. He was so mad at not being able to swallow he was slapping his front feet in the air – a horse this size striking out at you – wow. Scary. But he was just in pain. All better now, but on an anti-biotic for a few days and bute to keep any throat infection or injury from flaring up. Would like to get him scoped in a week or so and make sure we’re all ok in there but he seems fine. Colic – broken leg – choke. About the three scariest words in the horse world.