While I want to be thin, I want my horses fat! I am so excited with Lucky. He has gained what I estimate to be 15o-165 lbs. this summer and continues to eat like, well, a horse. The weight gain has been slow and gradual but we knew it would be. He’s got a big set of well-sprung ribs, and those may always show a bit. The overall muscle and build has really improved. I put him back to work on Sunday and he was great. He loves activity and noise; neighbor girls riding bikes up and down the driveway just makes him happy to be a part of the party (unlike the other two I rode who were trying to find another zip code to call home.) He is also a horse that is going to be bored quickly with going around the ring in the same place all the time. He is more cooperative wandering about the property under saddle and while he’s hooked up with his pal Odie at present, I think eventually he will accept me as a herd member and not worry if he can’t see him. It would be ideal to have a pal to ride with when I’m on him, so when I have some lesson riders here I plan on getting him tacked up and hacking while they are cooling out.

By the way, Kirsten had two very good questions on the “Starting OTTB over fences” post below. Scroll down for her questions and my answer.