The children have gone back to school….even though the weather is pretty un-fall-like, I’ve begun my fall schooling and conditioning in earnest. Rugby did trot/canter loops on the shavings track on Monday. Lucky also went out without lunging, and walked and trotted in the back field for the first time on his own! He was very good, but I turned around and let him come back to the gate rather than make him go all the way to the very end of the field. As I never have anyone else to ride with, he is just going to have to get over his herd-attachment. Twiz lunged in tack and we tried to fix the stinky bridle problem. (Her bridle has an odor that is coming off on my hands….it’s a long story….) and Indy got an easy day with a light hack, as my neighbor stopped to chat. That involves doing some sitting, then Indy starts trying to nibble at some nearby grass stalks, then I have to loosen the noseband, then he’s chowing away, happy as a clam and the neighbor is talking away, too…not much schooling done. However, Robert Frost once said, “good fences make good neighbors”, and I think with having a horse farm in a residential area, good chats also make good neighbors. I will never know when I might need their forgiveness for a midnight loose-horse romp through the lawn, or a wayward Jack Russell Terrorist barking at the garbage truck at 5:00 a.m…..