I took my time, rode every horse carefully on Sunday and used the whole freakin’ day on four horses. That doesn’t get me a lot points around the farm, because there’s work to do. Especially when I give up a couple of Saturdays for volunteering — that leaves me with only a few open days a month for farm chores. But it was such a nice day, and everyone was so good.

Saturday, I helped as my friend Cindy Wood, MFH-Wicomico Hunt, gave a fantastic “Hunting Safety” clinic — this should be required of all riders who want to hunt!

Rugby jumped a little, Indy jumped a little. Twizler officially transitioned from broodmare to show horse with her first ride in three years. And Lucky was excellent with lots of trotting and stretching out of the squeezed up frame he is learning to abandon.
Fall weather — crisper air, less humidity, fresh mornings — remind me of the 9/11 morning, too. That morning was crisp and pretty as well. Now, forever, as soon as the summer weather breaks in the fall, I will always be reminded of 9/11.