I dash out the door, drive all day, zip up the driveway, dash in the house. Change. Run to barn. Grab first horse I find closest to the gate. Throw tack on. Ride. Race the setting sun to cool out, put away, grab another, tack up and ride, finishing in the dusk and near darkness. I have a stopping point; when I can no longer distinguish colors, which is pretty dark. The horses don’t seem to have a problem with the light and dark, though, which is probably my saving grace.

Twizler is coming along. We are working through “I’ve been a broodmare, don’t make me deal with this now,” stuff. Bits. Conditioning. Back. Canter leads. She gets a bit jazzed up by the lunging, so I’m going easy on that for now. I’ve given up on framing her for the time being – she argues so much with the bit that it has to be really bothering her, so I got the message and am hacking her with light contact. While this isn’t helping get her back muscled the way it needs to be for the work she has to do, for now, it’s just going to have to wait. The canter both directions today was beautiful, left better than right. She loves to jump and get excited when you hack her around them and face them; as soon as she locks onto a jump she knows it’s her job to jump it. While she’s not crazy about it, she is pretty sure it’s her job, and let her do it, please. She loves to be worked on in the barn and pampered. I am shampooing her tail regularly to get that yellow color out of it, and it’s getting there. She’s doing well and I am very lucky to have her.

Rugby seems to be stiff some days when footing is hard, and better when it’s rained cats and dogs and things have softened up. I think that’s pretty much a function of the feet and their condition, but I do use bute on him when I feel it is necessary. There will of course come a time we can’t fix it and he’ll be retired, but that day isn’t soon, I don’t think. He really feels at the top of his game in terms of ability.

Lucky has been getting the short end of the stick. I’ve been riding him but not as much as the others which are on a pretty tight schedule for the TB show. I would LOVE to take him but I fear that ugly knee blemish might cause trouble and it might be best to wait and take him to a few schooling shows around home first. He also should do some trail riding when I can find the time. He was funny last night; the mosquitos were bugging him and he didn’t have his flysheet on. He ran up to the gate when I put Rugby back in with him — it was clear he felt it was my duty to run back to the barn and get him his flysheet, RIGHT NOW. He turned and ran in an annoyed little circle back to the gate, then reared straight up slapping his feet in the air! All over a few little mosquitos! Well, Mister, you’re not getting anything until you calm down and mind your manners. With that, I turned and marched back to the barn and ignored him for an hour and rode Indy, until he meekly stood at the gate asking “Please would you put my sheet on me now?”

Indy is back to his allergy state, has popped a small splint, and is as Arab spooky as ever so he’s getting the field riding next to the scary holly tree with the noisy mockingbird, etc. Time to put him back to serious work but we’ll get the allergies and the splint under control first. He’s never EVER had a pair of shoes and has iron hard little black feet so I think it’s just the hard ground that causing it.

No photos this weekend, I’m tired of the camera and trying to take pictures all the time — I was up at Plantation for a couple of hours on Friday and thought it was rather silly to hear the photographer’s shutters going off all the time, the only noise you could  hear other than the horses’ footfalls. Too much. I only took four pictures I think. Here’s a few.


From the top of the field looking north