I am sorry I have not been able to update more frequently. Something in my Windows browser is continually shutting down pages as I open them, and has stopped remembering my passwords and logins. I am slowly finding all of them and trying to get the darn thing to automatically allow me in but some are worse than others, and WordPress really ties it up in knots at the moment. It is taking usually three or four reloads of the Windows browser to get to the log-in. OK! Excuses over!

Lucky has not been one hundred percent this summer. I did have the right hind issue earlier in the summer and we got an ultrasound on that this week — it’s a hole. I forget the exact name of the darn tendon, it’s a hidden one that resides underneath the sesamoids and runs down the back of the pastern, not the deep digital flexor but under it. How do these horses do this? Who knows. Kicking at flies or something I suppose. Anyhow, he has to be rehabbed for that. He’s also got some arthritis in the other hock and flexed pretty sore on it in the lameness exam. I went to a new vet who has taken over the Cokesbury practice, Dr. Harrell, and unfortunately, Lucky wasn’t well behaved and left her with a bad impression of his temperament – he washed out in the trailer, kicked a bit, cut up a leg, and was a general bad boy to deal with and at his size, that’s a fearful display. He had everyone terrified, of course. Some judicious TQ later, we had our findings, though. And true to horsey “F-U”, he was not nearly as lame at the clinic as he had been at home! GAaauuuuggghhh…..so there goes a paycheck there.

To add to the sad week, Miss Twiz had a bad few days. A neighbor about a mile away occasionally weans colts for a large local Arab farm, and evidently this year they took one or two in. They’ve been calling and calling of course — and Twizler’s paddock is the closest one I have next to them. Well, then just move her, you say. Ah ha. Easier said than actually done. Moving her resulted in a three-hour, fence-running panic. There goes all her nice hunter weight. So, she’s back in her own paddock, and was difficult to say the least on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to ride, so I just lunged her and she was just a lunatic. Hopefully this may be related to being in heat, and the babies screaming, but if she can’t make a change soon I don’t think she’ll be ready to take to the Thoroughbred Show the end of October. Horses, however, surprise you all the time, so hopefully she’ll calm down. When I say “bad day”, I mean rearing, bucking, spinning, wanting to bolt back to the barn and ready to KILL you when you put foot in the stirrup. No thanks!

Getting excited for the Fair Hill International, where I do some volunteer work fence decorating and helping in the cross-country warmup. I hope the weather cooperates, it’s always a crap shoot the third week in October as to what we get — cool, hot, windy, rainy — who knows. Right now, today as I write this, it’s well into the 80’s and Rugby needs to have a trot set/gallop day which is totally on hold until we get cooler weather. He’s about half-fit, so I really need to get moving on conditioning him for both hunting and a horse trial or two when I have time later on this fall. Indy has completed the hunting safety clinic and I wrote about it for Horse Junkies United, so you’ll hear that experience soon. So that’s the update on my four killers. I am scheduled to judge at Olde Hope Farms Oktoberfest horse trials on Sunday so all will get a day off then.