Photo by Patricia Nash – Indy taking a look around at the off

Our small local hunt might be low in numbers but we’re astronomical in terms of quality and fun. Sunday we were able to hunt at a local fixture and it was excellent. Indy stood in beautifully for Rugby and for his fourth time hunting, did a great job. He was a bit nervous at first but stayed pretty good throughout and we were not out for a long time. The best omen: I viewed the fox — the first hunt of the season — very good luck, I think. The hounds were fabulous and seemed to be singing the entire time we were out (which means they were on a live line). No one fell off, no one got hurt, nobody was scared….it seems like hunting is just about the safest thing I seem to do on a horse these days! In fact, it’s rare that we have a problem hunting. I think it is because of the herd instinct that is so hardwired in horses. They are indeed safer in a group.