Today we got up, my dogs and me, and took a look at a grey sort of day and just waded in.

There were four to ride and the first one, while grooming, took a roundhouse kick at me with a hind leg. It connected, but did not break skin thanks to a thick old pair of jeans I put this morning (that fit! Diet’s working!) Needless to say, he was On The List and got a pounding, then completed the grooming with extra attention in the area that instigated the kick, tacked up, lunged, and then ridden with purpose. We got one “ears back, I want to go out the gate” which drew a good couple of whacks with the crop and the official Come To Jesus meeting was declared a success. That was Number One.

Number Two remembered his “stay in MY rhythm” school on Wednesday, and was quite good on the flat; so good we jumped a little and moved up to cantering a few little jumps. He is overjumping and landing sort of stuck. I need to give him the confidence to extend his head so have to give him rein. He’s getting enthusiastic and bucks a little when landing. I gotta remember to keep my heels down and let go. But the cantering is getting better, he’s less chargie and is willing to drop back down to trot a jump if I feel he’s too overboard, and I appreciate that adjustability. He was good.

Number Three, after a tea break, came in looking like this.2012-12-08 14.01.31

After a 20-minute currying, he was decent enough to tack up and ride. He had a flat work lesson and we worked on canter departs, especially to the right. This made him worry a little. We took a break and went for a walk, and I told him all about a new blankey in the barn just for him, and that we were going to have nice hot bath, when the phone in my pocket rang and changed the day a little. It was my mother who had some happy news, but it was going to require a few family phone calls. So rather than get a bath, I had some things now I needed to do in the house, so he was cooled out and put back.  A few phone calls later and I had one left to do.

Number Four had to go in a “set”, as Brian got back about 3:30 and needed to jog Parker. He’s  bit lazy and likes track company so I hacked Rugby with him (while he jogged in harness) and both trucked right along. Parker did 10 times around and Rugby did 8, then walked cool. Because he’s clipped he didn’t need a bath, either, and we were done. I unloaded 20 bales of hay from the truck and fed the outsides, while Brian did insides and we both were on the road to the store by 5 p.m.

Yes, I am tired! But it’s a good tired!