Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful, wonderful hunt at Worth’s Folly and breakfast following courtesy of the Bench family; they opened their farm to us last year and members of Wicomico, Flint Hills, and Elkridge-Harford hunts attended this year. It is really a joyful day with fun people and the only regret is having to leave and go home! I hope this becomes a tradition. It took place on or near Lynch Road and Augustine Herman Highway (213) just north and west of Chestertown, so if you were out toodling about and saw a full field of hounds, huntsmen, whippers-in, and riders following, that would have been us.

Rugby found the elevator bit a bit annoying and rooted all day in it. I loosened his noseband, and it helped, but it was still bothersome. We had a bit of an adventure with master Cindy, Teri, and Dave. We jumped a rather large log fence into the cow pasture, with the cows rushing over to say Happy New Year — maybe 50 springer Holstein heifers — and both Lee and Rugby said, whooooooaaaa — we are being ATTACKED by killer Holsteins, we are not going over THERE where the cows are……and proceeded to leg yield waaaaaaay to the left in the field away from the cows. Needless to say we barely hung on (well, I barely hung on) and we managed to get to the top of the hill, where we viewed a lovely fox crossing between us and the woods and those behind who could not jump the 3’9″ log into the field.  It was a courageous attempt to follow hounds but then found we had to go back down the hill and jump out. This time Lee, smart half Connemara that he is, did not hesitate and we were able to move forward and jump out half decently. Rugby spent the next half hour checked what direction the cow attack was coming from…

So that was New Years Day. This morning, after feeding and baking a quiche (which I am waiting for in oven while I type), two will be ridden before work and I will lunge one in the dark when I get home.  The goals and outline for them will be another post soon.

Here’s to cinnamon Wild Turkey! Happy New Year!