That’s a football saying. That’s what you do when the 3rd down Hail Mary just didn’t get there. If you’re not a football fan, it means that weather simply didn’t cooperate and we had to cancel the clinic I set up with Kelley Williams for Saturday. We were looking forward to jumping in a nice indoor arena over in Maryland, but being really cold and having a bit of snow last night really made it hard to ask folks to travel with horses first thing in the morning. After all, horses come first.

I worked very hard for three days to arrange my job so I could ride Thursday and Friday. The result was about only 2 hours late Friday afternoon, when the snow had already started blowing, to hack Hamish and Rugby for 30 minutes each. However I did try some tack on them that I recently purchased, and one thing (out of four) fits. The other stuff will be sent back, unfortunately.

The saddle search for Hamish goes on. Saddles make a difference in the way a horse uses themselves. Hamish is very sensitive in his shoulders to saddle fit, so I am keeping an open mind and shopping carefully. He’s actually not a wide – he’s a medium wide – because behind the wither, his back drops a bit. The two wide-tree prospects I’ve had on him actually slid around on his back.

DSCN1416I need to get creative today about riding. We have about 3 inches of cold, pellet-y snow and getting the tractor started is going to be the big challenge of the day.

I am going to spend some time online looking for saddles and hope for better riding weather later this week, and if not, put ponies in trailer and go to an indoor to ride! So there, Mother Nature!