I was going to name this post, “Struggling to ride”, and then thought that sounded too difficult; then, “slow winter”, and that sounded lazy; and then, “Disappointed” and that sounded ungrateful. The bottom line is, when there are limited light hours during the winter days, and when it is very, very cold and windy, and the footing is frozen; and you get home after a breezy day and find two-thirds of your jumps in the arena are blown over; makes it hard to find yourself pleasantly hacking out on your horses.

Jax is 13 years old, nd deserves his picture on the blog!

Jax is 13 years old, nd deserves his picture on the blog!

I know a lot of people go south (not “thousands” as is claimed on  very popular eventing website – more like just hundreds.) Last year it was so warm, we rode all winter, it was not really that bad. This winter also hasn’t been that bad. If I didn’t have a full time job I probably could have ridden most of the winter. As it is I am averaging about 4 times a week on each horse with Rugby getting a bit more work, and Indy getting a bit less work as he is not doing much this winter as his Mommy is back from overseas.

That means Lucky, who is two-thirds of the way through his doxy treatment, and The Mish are getting pretty steady work towards some spring stuff and I couldn’t be happier. The Mish cut his head just over his eye last week and it is healing fine but I re-arranged the turnout. I’m not sure who the culprit was — but I have an idea. He is now in isolation, thank you very much (Lucky).

The ice and snow last week precluded riding. They all had a few days off. Boy did I get a schooling when I got back on them. First, Lucky g a little humpy backed when I first got on him this weekend and surprised me with a gigantic buck. Fortunately I was in my good event saddle and stayed on, then got really mad at him and made him do little circles in front of the gate until we were both a bit dizzy. The Mish took extreme exception to a cardboard box that had blown over from my neighbors, and lodged itself at the end of the arena on a fencepost. He was terrified and started to argue with me over going near it. Including doing a very naughty thing — so I got off, led him over to it, got him closer, finally walked past it, then got back on and schooled near it the entire time. The next day I moved it to a different position in the arena, hoping to have another educational session….and ….. he could care less. Don’t try to figure it out, just ride.

Horseshoer went to a convention, all backed up on appointments, so horses all need feet done…..dentists calling asking for yearly appointment, not sure when I can fit him in….saddle fitting, what I famously call “The Third Circle of Hell” is going on, and I am seriously considering a great offer from a European saddle maker to go on a sponsorship, more details later on that….and the clinic is back on for Feb. 23! And Breezy Run moved things around to allow us to work there that afternoon. So busy with stuff — now all I have to do is get the time, the weather, the light — to ride!