In Delaware, February and March are months that give you a lesson in flexibility. Plans? There are no plans. Mother Nature takes your plans and shreds them. One day, I’m pulling blankets off. The next, we’re in two turtlenecks and long underwear is the first of five layers. You just never know. It’s a miracle the hunt can even find a suited fixture this time of year, let alone have a bangup fabulous hunting day over good footing! Last Sunday at Queponco the fields were small but the sport was giant!DSCN2453

This week was hit or miss. Some got worked. Some got lunged. Some got a kiss and a promise! That’s February in Delaware, I guess. Lucky was absolutely terrible one day, so bad I didn’t even get on him (just lunged.) Hamish was super, Rugby was super (I need to take a look at the straight dressage tests to see what level might suit him — his flat work is like awesome.) Indy got a couple of lungings, but darkness and feed time really hurts me this time of year.

Brian has the trailer today and is racing. Tomorrow is a hunting day for either Rugby or possibly Hamish. We hope to have Stephanie come today and ride Indy but the weather is really iffy. I have a couple to finish up in the barn, and it’s time to start washing blankets — this year I am sending them out! Hopefully it will be worth the time and effort to drop them off, pay for them, and pick them up. Gotta go! Work day!DSCN2489