katie jumpBack in January, I was hoping to have Kelley Williams come across the bridge and give some Eastern Shore event riders some help, but a snowstorm cancelled that so we instead did a February date. While I was unable to ride, those that came were really enthusiastic and had fun, as well as learned a great deal — I think even got to a new plane with their riding over fences — so hopefully we’ll have her come back!

Kelley is a keen observer, a precise speaker and a patient and kind teacher. I don’t think anyone got into a situation that could not be resolved with a little of this or that with her guidance despite the fact that everyone ended up jumping a hugely difficult gymnastic like it was a cakewalk! Jan Didi

We were all impressed with the communication level. The things we do when we ride are habit-forming and training your horse is all about breaking the bad habits and getting into the good habits. Kelley was after us to unlock our elbows and soften our arms, push our heels down, and “feel the heat” with our calves to keep our legs on the horses’ sides. It’s hard to summarize because everyone had a different problem, that the exercises pointed out, so each one had a different solution. heels down

I’m going to let everyone take a look at the videos and see what they think. They are short clips, so fit these into the narrative here. The good news is Kelley will likely come back to teach us at least once a month if we can get her, and we’ll probably utilize a couple of different places that are central to those of us on the shore and in Delaware.

Videos: Katie (http://youtu.be/Q229F0f8bhM)  Kathy (http://youtu.be/dfJCwjOl870)  Jeremy(http://youtu.be/VZXOL3yyD20) Jeremy again (http://youtu.be/ghbNWrlJiWE)Heather (http://youtu.be/JoZLP-GEnaA) Didi (http://youtu.be/6orViszJR50) Cris (http://youtu.be/8mHy3QIZ2eQ) and Betsy with the grey mare (http://youtu.be/6pskDeqxRNc)