2013-04-21 14.07.23It was awesome. The weather was perfect, not too cold, not too hot. No bugs, no difficulties, all friends, good time. Hamish was quite afraid at first of the waves, then got better and better and finally went into the surf and allowed waves to come up to his knees. The sand is great for the horses’ feet. Their hooves are scoured clean when you get back, and their legs tight and cold from the salt water. How wonderful to have a great beach ride.

The white seafoam of death....they get over it!

The white seafoam of death….they get over it!

I have now ridden on the beach on both coasts of the United States (In Washington, and in California on the Pacific beaches) and now in Delaware in the Atlantic Ocean (Cape Henlopen).

Of course, Internet Explorer browser is the kinghell of all pieces of shit on the internet and I can’t get the cool video loaded. Check back later when I can get it to cooperate! Hate problems!


Hamish at Cape Henlopen