I think it is time for eventing as a sport to drop the “Lady” rider designation, and call it “woman” or “female”. It is long past time that we stop using this archaic language to designate the female accomplishments. The opposing sex…male…doesn’t seem to have its own award and that too is wrong.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the USEA year end national awards, there is a Leading Rider (overall) and a Leading Lady Rider. I would like to see this changed to Leading Rider, Leading Man, Leading Woman riders. At shows like Rolex, the “Best Lady Rider” needs to be changed to Best Woman or Best Female Rider and a complimentary Male or Man also should be awarded. I think if we can finally, in 2013, have gay and lesbian sports figures we should have these changes in our sport too. It is time to stop the inequality and denotation of inferiority that “Lady” rider connotates. I would like to see this addressed seriously and not laughed at. I am tired, as a woman, of being laughed at. The vast majority of USEA members are women. The vast majority of USEA funding sources are women. The vast majority of USEA competitors are women.