Photo by Brianne Reynolds

Photo by Brianne Reynolds

I am home now in the barn. I went to a show today, I don’t know why.
But I did get some carrots and lunch and Mummy seems pleased.
When I got on the horse trailer, I didn’t know where I was going.
I was afraid, and I was nervous. I pooped – a lot..
See, I thought things were going pretty well at home. I was behaving, I think.
I was good for the bridle and bit and saddle. I was trotting and cantering pretty well, I think. I was getting lots of pets, grooming, and feed. It was a lot more fun than being at the racetrack which is what I did earlier in my life.
So when she came out this morning, and groomed me, and changed my blanket, and put the trailer boots on, I didn’t know why.
I thought I had been bad, and was going to who knows where.
I thought I could be going to race again.
I thought I could be going to the vet – there was something wrong with me.
I didn’t know.
When we got to the place, which was not very far, I was quite worried I was alone, and whinnied to see if there were others there. I got a couple of answers back so that was good. I was not alone.
I really thought that it was a race. I wasn’t ready to race and didn’t like the idea of it. I wouldn’t let her bridle me, I don’t know why, I just knew it would be bad.
But she bridled me anyhow, and we walked around a barn to where I thought there was a race track. There were horses going around there but they weren’t going fast. It was a strange track, really.

I wouldn’t let her tighten the girth, so she just got on anyway at the mounting block, and tightened it while I jumped up and down, getting myself ready.

I was afraid. I thought I had been doing really well.

Why did I have to go back to the track? And where was the track? Was it just in here, this ring, with these other horses going around really quietly?

I began to trot, and trot.

I was ready for anything. I didn’t know what was coming.

But Mummy just kept asking me to take the bit, push into the bridle, leg yield over, trot forward…..geez, that’s just what she does at home.
I didn’t know what it was, but it didn’t really seem like a racetrack. And slowly I relaxed my back just a little for Mummy.

Mummy then let me walk and see some stuff then I went back to work. I got to see myself in the big mirror at the end of the ring — at first I thought it was someone else, then it was no big deal.
Finally I asked to stretch down a little and Mummy let the rein out for me.

I didn’t know what it was, but there was no tension and no craziness here.

I liked the footing in the ring, it was soft and springy. The other horses were polite and slow. In fact, the whole thing was polite, and slow, so I knew it really wasn’t anything I’d been to before.
image_1367770424475782I didn’t think I was sold, Mummy was still riding me, so it must be something else.

I know she kept using the aids she uses at home, so I thought, maybe she just wants me to trot and stuff like we do there.

Maybe that is all there is. I didn’t know.
We went to another arena and this one was empty except for one horse going around and it was really quiet.

I saw a couple of people sitting in a horse trailer near it and a couple more watching around the outside. I didn’t know what this set up was all about, but I was checking it out pretty carefully.
The horse that was in the ring left and I was alone. I wasn’t sure about that but I listened to Mummy. She said, “OK, now trot,” and she petted my neck, she said it was OK.

I halted, I trotted, I did a circle. Then I did get to walk and used that time to look about. Then I trotted and halted and we walked to the person in the trailer who said nice things to Mummy. Mummy thanked her and we got to walk out.
I was pretty sure by now this wasn’t a race, and I wasn’t being sold or going to the vet. But I didn’t know what it was.

I got lots of pets though.

Photo by Brianne Reynolds

Photo by Brianne Reynolds

Mummy praised me and said, “Good boy” a lot. She let me walk around a little and then I went back to the trailer. I got my tack off and got carrots, treats, pets, and was able to pick at grass while Mummy did put my blanket on and wraps. Then Mummy’s friend brought her a ribbon and a piece of paper. The ribbon was blue. Mummy cried, I don’t know why. She said I was a good boy. Then we loaded up in the trailer and I went home.

I am very happy because I didn’t race and I didn’t get sold. I think I know why Mummy makes me leg yield and all that stuff. I think it is a horse show, that’s what it is, I bet.

I went to my first horse show and I got a blue ribbon. Is that good? I think it is.

I am pretty sure it’s good.
— Lucky