One warm day this week, and it’s still well under normal hot temperatures for May. You know we will go right to 90 degrees here pretty quick without a nice spring transition. The buttercup is rampant, I need to lime and redo the fields, but without any equipment but a chain drag, it’s pretty hard to do. So I am still haying. Everyone is staying fat so I am not too worried. Shrug.

Rugby is on and off depending upon how much time he has to spend standing in the stall. A vet that came by the barn this week went over him looking for any painful areas or sources of lameness and could find nothing – watched him jog for 10 minutes around the yard, on the hard driveway — nothing. It’s so frustrating to have him off, lame, off, lame and then sound when a vet drops by. Gaugh.

Lucky is working on the contact thing. Changed his bridle yet again. This time in a soft, thin single break snaffle with the bent mouthpiece, lower in the mouth, and with a flash noseband. Better at walk on light contact; better at trot somewhat; still bad at canter, behind the bit and opening the mouth extensively. He is also lazy at canter so did 10 canter circles yesterday and after the third circle argued with me over the next four. By circle 8 he figured out I was serious and put his hocks under him. I did two more to confirm, petted and stopped and went for a walk. Okay.

Hamish got new shoes on the front on Thursday morning. It is sure nice to have a horse that the farrier LOVES and can’t wait to come and shoe. Everyone compliments Hamish. Now, Hamish, you have to live up to your rep. He hacked on Saturday in prep for another paper chase on Sunday. He’ll jump school this week, then we’ll go cross-country schooling someplace next week. Yeah.

I am still missing some jumping help with all horses. I wish someone would either come here and set fences for me or I could find someone closer to travel to. By closer I mean within three hours….I travel for work right up to horse country in PA and MD every day and it’s so frustrating when I have to drive 100 miles home to the Outback.  I like to look at property for sale near Fair Hill online, and dream about the lottery winnings going for a nice barn and pasture with trees and a hill. Sigh.