2013-06-02 09.32.46 2013-06-02 11.11.35 2013-06-02 13.14.07I love the tall grass and letting the horses graze on it, they love it best to eat, it is the healthiest supplement and medicine one can give a horse. But it has hidden danger of ticks and bug bites. I know what diseases ticks can pass on. We’ve had erlichiosis in the family already, and Lymes, and I remember a bullseye rash on my arm when I lived in Pennsylvania over 20 years ago.  I pulled ticks off the horses on Saturday and went out and bought some expensive fly spray that stays on through water and sweat – oil-based – nasty stuff – and it worked. Tick-free on Sunday! In addition they are getting fly masks, fly sheets, and booties or leg wraps if they need it. I fight nature every day.  Not sure how much it is working but I am going to keep trying.

Rode all four horses Saturday (after shoeing – tough) and Sunday, yesterday rode three after work (no excuses in terms of light, it’s light now from 5am to 9pm) and today already this morning rode one. Today is jump day and hopefully this Saturday I can either find a schooling or jump at home or find someone to set jumps. Yes, my back hurts just THINKING about it! 🙂

Rugby’s back leg pick up training is continuing. He is getting slowly more relaxed. His off and on front lameness however is not resolving and despite a clean vet exam, I think the next time a vet with an exray machine gets over here I am going to insist on an exray of the right front.