Busy weekend and week — where to begin? Let’s begin with the after-dinner entertainment last night, a power-washing of the inside of the horse trailer. Not long after starting the water blasting I soon realized I had to put down the wand, grab the slimy, dirty rubber mats with my fingers and pull them out of the trailer in order to wash off the floor properly. Of course this was realized after I was soaking wet from doing the ceiling and front walls. I struggled mightily and got all three slung haphazardly out the back, and continued on….result….well, it’s cleaner than when I started. I was sure wetter than when I started although from water or sweat, it was hard to tell.

We're all a little off sometimes....Indy behaving for 5 seconds on the lunge...

We’re all a little off sometimes….Indy behaving for 5 seconds on the lunge…Bad Photo Sunday (more below)

My pasture is quite special, I think. It grows fly masks, horse shoes, bell boots, and surcingles to fly sheets as well as grass, weeds, and mud. It’s pretty impressive to find three fly masks, one easy boot, two shoes, two bell boots (different sizes and colors), a red surcingle, a black surcingle, and a blue Ikea bag (?) on the weekend pasture walk. I was truly impressed with this particular yield, and I match it up against anyone else’s pasture. It even grows fly masks in different colors and styles just for variety. And it spreads them around from one end of the six acres to the other, you never know where to find them. Could be anywhere. The really funny part is I have no idea what blanket the black surcingle came from, and no idea WHERE the blue Ikea bag came from. I wonder if I can register my pasture for crop insurance. They could give me a gift card to Chicks to pay for a claim…..

The day was so long, and the moon so bright, I hardly slept at all last night. The horses are all sleeping this morning, too, maybe they too were up all night. The birds were still singing at midnight. The Septic Tank family (see Facebook for the nesting killdeers) has grown yet again and we are setting three eggs. I have some video from them protecting the nest when I carefully walked over to look at it last night. In addition, the killdeer both are quite good at letting me know when they are disturbed; this morning, the Jacks were out by themselves for a few minutes, I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and I realized I was hearing a lot of killdeer noise over the TV, and looked out — indeed, Actress was doing her flopping, and Buddy was screaming his head off — the Jacks were watching and inside the barrier fence. Nope, ain’t happening today — I called them off and they calmed down and went back to nesting. That was pretty interesting, I thought. I have now taught the killdeer to snitch on the Jacks when they get too close.  Wonder if I can train Buddy and Actress to snitch on them when they pee on my azalea around the corner of the house that I can’t see from the porch?

Finally, a report on the horses. Awesome. That’s the report. Just awesome. Lucky became a HORSE at the Hunting Safety Clinic on Saturday morning, and Hamish WON his Intro Horse division at Olde Hope’s summer Friday night horse trial. I wish I could say I had pictures but I have nothing from either performing over anything, just a picture I took with camera holding Hamish while he scarfed the green grass in the parking field while drying off from his bath. No pictures for Lucky, just a very satisfactory feeling that he is very smart and learns very fast and really is starting to like his job. I was concerned I under-entered Hamish but after cross-country and stadium, I don’t think so. He was a bit more “looky” than I had anticipated, and was very obedient but a bit behind the leg, and pulled the reins out of my hands a few times to root his head down and look, so I am very much anticipating a bit change for the bigger jumping coming up this summer. He’s very good though. Lucky really stepped up to the plate for me with the jumping and ended his clinic session by jumping the 2-6 coop and hopping the skinnys with no hesitation or swerving and also walking the barrels — but he had a bit of a cheat going on there, as he is so tall he can easily step over them and I think he kinda knew that! Cindy was a great help correcting my position, keeping me keeping my shoulders back. Everyone needs eyes on the ground.

The scariest thing that happened was someone pulled out in front of me just after leaving for the clinic Saturday morning. A truck and 3-horse trailer with a 1,000-lb. horse is a lot of weight to stop very fast. Shook me up, and while I did not hurt anything or hit anything it still scared me. Unfortunately that happens a lot when you drive a trailer and while I expect it, it’s never comfortable. I am constantly on guard of my stopping space and try to always keep it large enough to be safe, but people are also constantly pulling into it forcing me to back up and keep it open. I try never to pull into the stopping space of trucks with trailers. The stupidest driver on the road is someone pulling a trailer and tailgating, ignoring or not caring about stopping space — in which case they are an idiot, but I would not like to be his Come To Jesus accident partner, either.

Here are some past Bad Photos for Bad Photo Sunday!

Pretty much, just grass alongside the road.

Pretty much, just grass alongside the road.

2013-04-14 16.10.28