When you are going through hell, keep going, they say. This week I have come down from the high of last week, where Hamish won a little horse trial and Lucky went to a clinic and learned to jump. This week I got braces about 35 years too late. They hurt. I will definitely look and feel better eventually but right now, they hurt. It’s hard to eat anything. But that helps with the diet. For breakfast, applesauce. For lunch, soup, applesauce. For dinner, pudding, applesauce. Well, I am trying to eat a little more than that but so far that’s the deal. So I have some energy issues!

2013-06-27 20.33.00 (1)I was too tired to ride everyone so lunged two. Well, we found out the clicker was broken when I kept getting a weak and lazy walk from everyone. (Hard to click with new braces) So had to go get the lunge whip for encouragement. In think we’re all tired! The days have been hot and nights almost every night this week have been stormy, sometimes late into the night or early morning. It’s horses out, horses in, horses out, horses in. Finally I put fly sheets on everything and put them out, rain or no rain.

Took Rugby’s back shoes off and it was a struggle and he was not good. I ended up tranqulizing him, and just jerking them off, and as they had clips, I took a piece of wall with it. They haven’t been without shoes for a while and of course his back feet with all this rain have just disintegrated to mush. I tried to get some iodine painted on them to toughen them up last night and of course he jerked away and I got a lot of iodine on me and the barn aisle, but not on the hoof. The hind foot thing is getting old and I am going to redouble my efforts in caring for his feet to try and get this problem solved.

I usually wash all the horse blankets up and get them dried and packed away for summer by now and they are still hanging over the back fence. I have house painting to do this 4th of July weekend, a clinic (which I am organizing) and a horse show, and would like to get the back patio at least started. I am tired just thinking about the To Do List. I do let it get overwhelming and I have to come back down to earth and relax, and keep calm, and carry on. It will get done. Eventually.