Just a couple quickies from the Jill Henneberg cross country clinic on Sunday at Olde Hope.

1. Jill is FANTASTIC. She knows her stuff. She picks up stuff. She can teach. Do not hesitate to ride with her. Book her for a clinic today. There is no substitute for serious big time long term experience in eventing, jumping, and cross country riding …. she has it. Others may be more famous, have better press, etc., etc. but this instructor brings a wonderful background and to – the – point directness that helps and fixes it. We had at least one horse, possibly three, that had light bulb moments that should continue for future riding.

2. Falling off a big horse has its consequences. Don’t mess around in a water jump without water. Gravel hurts when it is driven into your knee, and both elbows. Better to fall in soft grass.

3. You have to fall off every horse eventually. You just hope it’s not the 17-hander. Sigh.

4. Lucky was PHENOMENAL on his first cross country school. I have my prelim horse.

5. Hamish is getting a lot stronger at getting to the base, and he is slowly but surely improving his ability to understand the aids and compress. Fitness however is an issue.

photos with my camera by Debbra our auditor

photos with my camera by Debbra our auditor

DSCN3638 DSCN3640 DSCN3680 DSCN36826. Bringing two horses is a lot of work in the heat, so glad I had friends Laurie Gandy to assist who was fabulous.

7. Be grateful. Thank everybody.

8. Need a new XC vest. I also need some ties on the trailer and Laurie has to go and help me EVERY time.

9. Hydrate!

10. There is something peaceful and wonderful about Olde Hope even when the combine starts the wheatfield next to the parking field!!!