I wrote a blog post today for Horse Junkies United. I hope it wins a little contest. The prize is an Ipad. However, I was pretty happy with it when I finished it. It’s a “bare your soul” type of post and I really like it. I think it might be one of my best this year.

The heavy, heavy rain yesterday (and a one inch shower today) has really, really, REALLY got the ground soft. Good news – lots of “water” schooling available! Puddles everywhere. Bad news – supposed to be in the nineties next week, so that means mosquitos and bugs will be hatching like crazy.

2013-06-02 13.14.07There is a lot of work in the barn and house to do, so keeping posting short and sweet this week. Today I finished cobwebbing stalls, sprayed for spiders and bugs in all the swept stalls, starting sweeping the barn one stall forward at a time, cleaned out the floor of the tack room, put garbage away in the cans and lined a couple with bags, picked up all over the barn, cleaned some tack, (more needs to be done), sorted out some things I am taking up to the new consignment tack shop on Monday and cleaned them; and rode three horses and bathed them all, cleaned stalls, turned out for the night. And fed the cat.