I am kind of a weather junkie. I watch the weather in the morning. I check it before I go to bed, to see what I need to prepare for the next day. And I check it on my phone probably more than a couple times as I work and manage my farm. That’s because temperature, and rain, or sun, or wind, or anything else that the skies drop on me makes my life either good, bad, or causes me to PLAN. I see now why people want to retire. They have all day to do stuff I cram in four or five hours, broken in between 8 to 10 hours of work. Some days you just have to give up and work with what ever temperature or weather you get. I do that to a point — last week with the 96 degree temperatures (that felt like 112 with the dewpoint) I threw in the towel. This week I am slowly getting back into it by riding just one morning and night. My allergies have returned with all the mowing, too. So while I suffer, the light is going the other way — now the sun is going down a bit earlier each night, and soon,, time is going to be a squeeze with racing daylight to keep the horses worked.