Hamish, on schedule, went cross-country schooling today at Carousel. He was pretty good. I really enjoy his wonderful attitude. Drawbacks were his fitness level, but the huffing and puffing might have been due to a really REALLY damp warm atmosphere up there. While it wasn’t really hot, it was very humid. He pooped out towards the end of the school, but there are some pretty hefty hills there, too, and as Lea says, “we’re in Pancake City” down here and it’s hard to condition on flat land. He jumped everything really cute! The only thing he looked at was a log on the uphill but he wiggled, but went first ask. I think I need to jump more from the gallop and good forward canter to help him get powered up over the bigger fences. I jumped a mix of BN, N and a few T fences up there, but the T’s were a bit big for Hamish today, I know he really worked hard! It was fun to go with Lea, who has been an eventing friend a long time! We were quite by ourselves, there were no other horses. We both feel that Carousel is a great facility but so under-used by the horse community. How sad, they could do so much more with it.

"Whoa. Stand still, Hamish. Let me get the picture for your Mommy Susan."

“Whoa. Stand still, Hamish. Let me get the picture for your Mommy Susan.”

This weekend we really worked on trying to make the horses happy in the drill of flat work. Both of the going horses have inconsistency problems and actually both sort of don’t like dressage, especially away from other horses out in the front of the house all alone. (Gee, ya think?)

I worked both of them this weekend on just being consistently in front of the leg on the 30 meter circle, and on canter transitions up and down from the trot. I did practice Lucky on the BN dressage test and he was pretty good. His first “canter” dressage test! Hamish got a little different bit for jumping and I like it; he is steering better and not laying on the bridle so much when galloping. He is in the original soft Aurigan french snaffle for dressage (although pictured here in the jumping bridle.)

Do you ever wash your hair right before riding a cross country school (sweat), then get it wet YET AGAIN when it is pouring down rain when you get home? Three times my hair has been soaked today. I think it is going to get moldy…

Tonight is cooking and baking night (Sunday always I get some food ready for the week as I never have time during a work day to do it.) Got cupcakes baked, chili and jello made yesterday, lasagna and corn pudding later tonight and I’ll probably do something else before bed time. Laundry, clean up kitchen, to bed, wake up, feed/turnout/clean horses, then slavery/work, and the treadmill cranks up for the week. Stay positive! Keep going! Try, try, try! You gotta get up and try, try, try….