Lucky had something to say, so I am putting it down for him.

Tonight, my girl gave me a hug and said I was her favorite ride. I have to admit, I don’t think anyone has ever done that for me in my whole life. I appreciated that and I dribbled some clean water out of my mouth from a fresh drink on her back just to let her know I cared. You see, when I was at the track, at night when we were alone, we’d talk about what we would do after we raced, and if we – each of us there in the stable – would ever get a girl of our own.

That’s a pretty important dream that a lot of horses at the track have. We all wish for a girl of our own, a girl that could brush us where it itches, clean out our feet, comb our tails, and braid our manes. A girl that had a big, big treat bucket and let us eat all we wanted out of it whenever we wanted to. A girl that had soft hands and no spurs and could post without plunking her butt on our backs. I would always add that I wanted a girl that would not yell at me or hit me with a whip and a girl that would let me live out in a big field with all my friends and keep a warm blanket on me in winter and a fan for me in summer.

Photo by Kurt Morthole

Photo by Kurt Morthole

My girl actually turned out to be a bit older girl, actually, but you know, I am so glad that I did get my own that I don’t care about her wrinkles and fat. She’s alright. All the other horses in the racebarn used to laugh at me when I mentioned the blanket and fan, and I’ve got the last laugh now, because I’ve got the blanket and the fan which came along with the girl. I wish the treat bucket was larger, and she does carry a crop sometimes. But if only the boys could see me now. I bet they wish they were getting hugs from their own girl right now.

— Lucky