Fall. Cool morning and a cool breeze yesterday afternoon through the barn. Yep, it’s coming. My favorite time of year for many reasons. It reminds me of the weather of my childhood. It’s easier to work the horses, and you don’t have to walk around with wet feet from bathing sweaty ones. They cool out faster and can go right back out to the field. You can work them further and longer. The footing is softer, generally, and the grass is still tall enough for grazing. The sun isn’t so blazing hot. You don’t have to keep the air conditioning on in the car all the time, and it’s not an oven when you have to open it back up after parking it for ten seconds. Hunting season is just about upon us. Lots of good reasons to like fall! One reason NOT; the light is fading at night way earlier, and we’ll be losing a minute or two every day. I’ve already noticed a difference.

DSCN2630This weekend was a nice one, without any really important things to do, but you know how that goes — you end up doing a pile of stuff. I did ride all three each day, and jumped them actually two days in a row. This was good and bad. I found a few things I need to continue to fix in the jumping category; bends, leads, adjustability (always). Found a few bits that are working. Conditioned on Sunday; and Lucky pulled a shoe. Again. The instant he came round and started swinging in his back, he reached up with the unshod hind foot and pulled it off cleanly. Fortunately I knew exactly where it was in the field, and found it without too much searching at all. The next step; getting it back on! He is entered on Friday at Olde Hope, in the starter Friday night trial, so I need to jump him at least twice more this week. Hopefully the shoe will get back on within a day or two. Another need; a different type of Easyboot. My old ones are just no longer staying on the feet. I need some that have the pastern hooking do-hicky and sized for Lucky, because he’s the biggest off-shoe culprit (although Hamish runs a close second). Looking for one right now online!

Hey, I am getting excited for foxhunting and we’re thinking of doing a fun field day like thing in September, just to get everyone together and have a little horsey fun. More details later, and as always, continue to check the Horse Junkies United blog for my posts there. I can hear the leaves rustling now!