The mosquitos, flies, horse flies, greenhead flies, all other things – spiders and other stuff — are out in full, southern Delaware August force. Along with the heavy rain we’ve had this summer, the heat and humidity are just creating perfect breeding grounds for bugs and the horses are suffering. They really want to be in the barn. Then, when they are in, they stand in front of the fans and sleep. When I put them out, they want to come back in. They duck in their sheds constantly. Flysheets, fly sprays (gallons of it), fly masks, and whatever else I can think of to keep them halfway content don’t seem to be working. A huge shoutout for the only thing I have that seems to be working — Rugby’s good fly sheet is impregnated with the insecticide (it’s a nice Amigo Bugbuster he got last year, with a stomach sheild and neck sheild). All the other horses last night were hovering in the sheds and Rugby was the only horse out in the field eating — swishing and shaking his head, but eating and not in the shed. So those of you wondering if $140 was worth it — the answer is yes. If you value your sleep….I had to get up at about midnight and put the last horse out of the barn, into the paddock, because of some logistics with the stalls right now in the barn. He wasn’t able to go out because he doesn’t have a fly armour set up and kicks the other horses if they invade his space in the shed outside, so he goes in the barn until it’s half decent to go back out. I am trying to get all four shoes on Lucky today, we’ll see if we can keep these on. I have been religiously painting feet with Keratex due to the heavy moisture and dew each morning — the horses’ feet are soft and I’m having trouble getting the shoes to stay on even two weeks after shoeing. I know it’s not my farrier. His shoes stay on through heavy muck hunting for week after week in the winter. It’s the horn of the hooves right now with the wet ground day after day. Gotta go – work to do! (Like shop online for more of the bug-shield type fly sheets on sale!)