Getting things done. Despite numerous roadblocks and interruptions.That’s what my life feels like — one long, drawn-out series of constant roadblocks. Why try to get anything done; it will only just have to be put off, rescheduled, or cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control. Finally got one horse shod right this week and I’ve had to put him by himself due to the risk of being out with the others with hind shoes on. Lucky’s not happy to be isolated and was a bit testy this morning for his ride time. I had enough. I put him on the bit, after only 10 minutes of pretty opinionated warmup at walk and trot. He got his precious little “don’t-touch” mouth see-sawed on a bit and felt the spur. Go forward. Don’t dump your shoulder toward the gate to the barn. Don’t run into the fence in an effort to drop your shoulder. Don’t canter because I’m kicking you to go forward in trot. Don’t raise your head and come off the bit. Don’t vary the trot rhythm because you would rather be on the barn side of the circle, than the jumping arena side of the circle. Don’t evade the bit. Don’t blow off my leg aids. Don’t run through my half halt. Yes, he ran through his repertoire of tricks, and I decided it was the day he was not going to get off scot-free any more. Buckle down, get the work done, stay on the aids or else. Lo and behold — he did not entirely give up immediately but I got a lot more R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We ended by hopping a few small fences and landing in canter on both leads going both ways, with a halt in a straight line to end each exercise. Finished by cantering the white coop out in the field, landed straight, no shoulder-dumping, and no attitude at the halt, just waiting for next command. I dropped the reins, gave him a pat and let him wander to the barn. That was enough. God bless him, he can be good when he wants! I think he is just sort of sick of the ring and also doesn’t like being out by himself. He does have a friend next door but he’s not as much fun as Hamish and Little George to be out with so Mr. Out of Sorts is dealing as best he can. The weather was super for riding, in the 70’s and cool last night. We need to have a day once in a while where we don’t have to think about being on the bit or straight, just hack out. He’s waiting for such a day and I really hope this weekend I can go someplace with him and have fun on a trail ride or something. We both need it!