Little George came last month, but because of a hefty lung infection, he’s been on the R & R list. He’s on his second round of antibiotics now and doing much better, and I think he’s gained a little weight, too. He has been out in the big field with the other horses a little, although still isolated due to the sickness, and I’ve been hacking him 20 minutes or so. He’s smart, he’s a quick learner, but he’s very opinionated about some things. Fly spray is one. I can’t get him over the terror of fly spray, seriously. So we just use a washcloth soaked in spray and wipe it on. If he is not paying attention, I can sneak up and get his tail a bit. He dislikes the spraying noise but bath water from the hose doesn’t bother him. He is not a treat-liker (yet) so do not have a way to his heart, so to speak, yet. He is a spectacular mover, actually, which I did not really see when I bought him. He is a very agreeable and kind individual, and has already earned the stamp of approval from very picky Brian, who said he was a “nice horse”. (High praise, indeed). George is an off-track Thoroughbred who raced locally and is by the great Go For Gin, so I have high hopes he’ll make a nice show, event, or hunt horse.2013-08-19 14.39.08 2013-08-19 14.39.42