Tonight, I rode Lucky with just his three shoes on (a hind shoe had to be pulled off on Thursday, more on that later) out in the front field. It’s soft and spongy out there, and perfect to hack, gallop, whatever. He only seemed to be catching the bulbs of his front feet with the shod hind foot. Anyhow, I had a terrific flat school. We took big, wide turns and worked on seriously straight lines throughout the whole 3-acre field. I kept softly insisting upon roundness and roundness and we trotted to the left, then cantered to the left for at least five circuits. Then the same on the right and by the last few canter circles on the right, he was dead on the bit and soft, holding himself in the twilight, swishing through the mowed grass. It felt like liquid melting in my hands he was so good. You treasure those moments of pure roundness, just like in the movie the Black Stallion where Alex is galloping on the beach bareback and just takes his hands away.

IMG_0024The bad news is just cannot get enough energy to take two horses to a horse show tomorrow so I have already scratched both of them for Saturday. I still plan on trying to make the jumper show on Sunday with Rugby, but he got loose tonight when the next door horses were running and ducked out of the halter as I dropped the bridle while untacking. He ran around and Rugby is funny, once he gets going you can’t catch him, he gets wound up. In the dark I did finally catch him but not before he threw a shoe….and he’s got some wedge high heels on the front and they are tricky deals to nail on…so he’s in the stall and he is not happy because night time is his turnout.

I just hate the stress associated with shoeing these horses. Who doesn’t? I also hope to pick up some hay tomorrow. I totally plan on being completely exhausted by Sunday night. If not from actual physical work, from worry about the next horse to lose a shoe!

Back to Lucky – he loosened a very snug hind shoe and got it twisted and stepped on the clip. Don’t know how long he had been stepping on it, probably about a day from what we figured. It took me about a half an hour and lot of work to get that damn shoe off, but I did. Then soaked the foot and wrapped in Animalintex, which is great for things like that, and left him overnight in the stall so he would keep the wrap on. The foot looked good so I turned him out, and within 15 minutes a horsefly came along and he kicked, then bucked, and off came the boot. Caught him, put it back on, and of course it came off within an hour. I give up. I think the clip was on the side of the hoof near the wall and not really into the sole. He wasn’t lame on it and still isn’t. I just hope it doesn’t abcess. We will try and put another shoe back on the foot I think tomorrow to protect it and watch that it does not abcess. Lucky is ready to go to a show and I am looking for a CT for him. I don’t want to show him in a hunter show, I am unsure how he’d be in a group of horses. I am just now getting somewhere with his discipline and submission and don’t want to blow it all by hacking in one out-of-control green horse class, where sixteen stupid people might go zooming past him and make him all crazy….then he just hates me because I’m pulling on his mouth and hates horse shows….rather just find a dressage or combined test show and enjoy ourselves by ourselves….I know that sounds snarky but really the horse is just now getting fairly rideable and he will be good, eventually, with others. I just want to control the situation as much as I can because he’s a pretty big guy and he can be pretty rude when he wants to be, and don’t forget the last time I had him out (cross-country schooling at Olde Hope) he did get me off, and that’s a long way to fall.

Dear little George is much better now and seems to be breathing better. I am not seeing any snot out of him so I think he’s healing from his lung infection. I am looking forward to working with him this winter and right now he’s getting some easy hacks in the ring.

Hamish – the best of them all. He is all set for Fair Hill starter horse trials next weekend and I may have over entered him but he is going to be great, he is really jumping great at home. I am going to raise some of the jumps this weekend for him. I feel pretty safe in getting him going over 3 feet, he can do it. He is a tad overweight due to the grass….oh well. I like to eat, too!

That’s the update. More later this weekend!