You have a horse that finds any jump under three feet ridiculous?

You have a horse that knows the difference between stadium jumps that fall down and cross-country jumps that don’t? And has only schooled cross country twice LIFETIME?

You have a horse that once he gets lit up you really are just along for the ride?

You have a horse that cares nothing about the jumps even if they are up to training level and he’s never seen them or jumped them before, but is scared to death of horses galloping around him jumping?

You have a horse that you love dearly but scares the crap out of you when he runs sideways, takes the bit in his teeth, roots the reins out of your hands, plunges, thinks about rearing, bucking and dumping you, and wants to take off?

Why, you take them cross-country schooling, of course, in a gigantic 200 acre field with about 50 other horses galloping and trotting about willy-nilly in a totally chaotic, crazy pattern with no buddy, no help, no ground person and no real common sense!

And — they give you pinney number 13! And you didn’t fall off! Amazing!

DSCN1331Seriously I can’t understand why jumping is so easy for him, the size means nothing, the width, nothing. I get the feeling he could jump around a three foot course tomorrow. But of course,  he needs to behave and learn to relax first! Wow, he was bad when he wasn’t jumping, very wrought up, very afraid of all the horses going every whichaway. It got annoying and then downright irritating with the rooting and inability to stand still, even the argument over slowing down. The mouth open, the bit completely ignored. Eventually he settled when I got an area to myself for a few minutes and got him jumping on his own. Then some friends came by and we stuck together for a while. We got in the water and did everything I could think of — the ditches, the water, the train jump and other stuff in every section of the fields. He is a smart horse. I hope he calms down and figures it out because I really want to jump this horse over some big fences!