This year is the 25th anniversary of the Fair Hill International three-day event. I have been volunteering for over 14 years, the first as an area steward and backup jump judge, once a steeplechase timer for the long format, and the last ten years (I think) as the warmup coordinator for cross-country day. The warmup field is just a big ol’ Fair Hill expanse of grass, but it has a little history. Once upon a time, they staged a concert – jan byynybluegrass, one person said but another one said it rock — an outdoor music festival. The stage was somewhere over in the cross-country side, I think where the Halloween fence might be or near there. They bused in hundreds of concert-goers, and parked them in the warmup field – this may have been 30 or 40 years ago when gravel was cheap. They loaded in and spread out a lot of gravel for a parking lot, and that’s where we hold the cross-country warmup today. There is no mud or slippery stuff where we park and no one has been stuck in years. Not even the monsoon year. This field has to be 40 acres or so, maybe more. It is a beautiful place when it is quiet and serene, where there is just a rider or two going for a trail ride, and when it lights up with the Fair Hill International energy — the feeling is wonderful. We have only a few hours on Saturday to enjoy that energy, with the top riders and horses in the country a few feet from us galloping around and jumping but we enjoy every second. I’m too busy to write more tonight – still stuff to do for a 5am out the door time – more later.