AFH….after Fair Hill. Wow. While it is amazing fun to be a part of a great three day event at the beautiful Fair Hill in Maryland, it’s time consuming and exhausting. My whole farm has been totally neglected for an entire week. I haven’t ridden anything for over 7 days. My back is telling me this pretty loudly. It’s like the world stops while you take part in a wild and crazy and exciting thing, but at home, they are just waiting for you until the thing is over. And I only work for a couple of days, there are many who work the entire week and even longer and put in hundreds of hours. My little volunteer contributions pale beside their commitment and dedication. All hail to FHI volunteers!

Little George learning to lunge - I think he already knows how, though.

Little George learning to lunge – I think he already knows how, though.

I started back with Hamish, Lucky, and George yesterday. They all lunged on Sunday, then depending on how that went, I got on and hacked a little. Monday, they jumped only four or five jumps plus hacked, except Hamish who did the big field canters and trots. He gets more fitness work do to his fine stature and the way he generously fills out the weight tape. Rugby is awaiting shoes. But appears to be sound. He will need a quick prep for hunting. Not sure when that is starting, but I do have some work to do with him first anyhow.

Indy is healing and the rest of the pasture ponies are hairing up. We will have a warm day today and that is it — winter comes in so time to unpack the jackets and turtlenecks. I can’t say I’m totally thrilled about winter but I am glad for fall, which is my favorite time of year. More pictures coming.

Prayers for my neighbor who is fighting cancer! I wish I could do more to help. I am sure many feel that way who are touched by this bad, bad disease. I am grateful for my health every day. As they say, “If I can wake up and get dressed, it’s a good day.”