It’s fall, and it’s time for me to ride. I enjoy the weather and the footing and try, even with fading light, to keep the training going. Today, I got up early to feed, bring horses in, hook up the truck, load, change into hunting clothes. Then hit the road to meet friends at a local fixture to hunt with Wicomico at 9:00 a.m….got home about 1:00 p.m., promptly gave Hamish the Hunt mount a bath, put him away, got out No. 2 – Lucky. Jump schooled him. Then cleaned last of the stalls, dumped the tractor, got Hamish put back out and brought in Rugby for a quick 30-minute hack (he is still barefoot, awaiting shoes). Finished barn work, unhooked the truck, ran in the house, changed, zipped to Tractor Supply for shavings. Got home, still light, fed the horses, brought in the ones who eat in, put out the ones who go out. Handwalked Indy, unloaded shavings, picked up the barn and….done….and it wasn’t dark yet! Amazing!