Peace, the place where I find it most

Peace, the place where I find it most

Sometimes, at night, in the barn, I am in the tack room alone, putting things away, setting up for morning. But I am not alone. The munching of the horses as they eat their hay means the day is almost done. The contentment of the horses is really about peace — peace in our hectic lives, peace that we have done something worth doing, even if it is only filling a water bucket or two, and tossing fragrant hay to a deserving friend. At such times, if you listen closely, alone in your tack room, and strain to hear over the quiet munching, you’ll hear the curb chains jingling in the distance. That jingling, all over the world, is for horses in pain or neglect, hungry or lonely; and for the people connected with those horses, who need prayers. By jingling, you provide a little piece of the peace in your barn to help others make it through the night. We jingle for friends, and for strangers. We jingle for those in need, and those who need help, luck, prayers for loved ones, those who are sick or suffering. Animal or human, all deserve and can use a jingle now and again. So, Raye, that’s what a jingle is for, and in order to do a jingle for someone else, all you have to do is post that you are jingling, and the sound will travel through the night to where it is needed.

Jingling came from the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board, back in its early days, when many very good writers participated.  Here’s how an old moderator defined the term:

“Curb chains: This bit of BB lore arose out of the infamous Question For Merry thread. The California clique decided (tongue in cheek) to form a cult, and decided to beg for money at the airport. But rather than banging tambourines, Merry suggested rattling curb chains. These days, curb chains are collectively jangled whenever a BBer needs good luck. Make sure to keep one handy! And be sure to request curb jingles from fellow BBers whenever you need them.”

Long ago when the board began, a poster named Coreene had a lovely warmblood gelding she rescued from an auction I believe in California. While Willem was branded, and I think they found out he was imported from Germany, but not much more was known about his background. I believe the story was that he had hoof problems from severe over use and improper care, and was quite lame. His subsequent life was chronicled on the board – treatments, care, daily love and much more. “Willem” became famous because he “spoke” in a lovely German accent. Coreene’s “Willem” posts became absolute classics and we couldn’t wait for new ones. Sadly, Willem had to be put to sleep and his “last” post is linked below. (Oh and by the way, tissue alert.)

Here’s a classic about Willem:

And when Willem had to leave, Coreene posted this from him:!

So you see, jingling has a way of drawing all of the horse world together, and began at the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board. While I know many condemn the board for its sometimes rampant opinions on various issues in the horse world, it is the gems of Willem and the phenomenon of jingling that make me LOFF it and enjoy friendships with fellow board members. That, my friends, is what the horse world is all about. May you also be covered in apfel schpit!