You take a look at a four-day weekend, and go, “yeah. I can ride every day.”

But what you don’t realize is there is a whole buttload of work in between the rides. Cleaning. Cooking. Cleaning up from the cooking. Cleaning barn. Working on fields, paddocks, fences, sheds, stacking hay, working in the woods building fence and fixing holes, (thanks to some rabid neighbor deerhunters who have been ripping up my back woods probably to make it easier to shoot a Bambi) and the pile of Things To Do is outstripping my “who to ride next” list. Add to that travel to shop for a new truck and we are seriously deficient in “my time”. Oh well. Last day to decide if I am going to clip for Opening Hunt. It’s been very cold so far this winter and I am on the fence about clipping as yet.

Here’s little George having fun: