Someday Soon I think was once the name of a very good horse, but I can’t remember what the horse did. Might have been an old champion showring hunter or something. In any case, we use that phrase to mean that we hope, some day, maybe soon, that things will be different and better, or at least away from the hurt, pain, and discomfort that we are now feeling. Every moment of every day, we think about things we have to do. We make decisions; to run through a wash, to put the wool sweater in the dryer (or not), to open the yogurt container carelessly and spill it on the floor, to drink too many cups of coffee, to grab that candy bar right next to the checkout at the last minute. Decisions get made all the time, all day long. There are a lot of decisions, lately, and I long for the wisdom of my mother to bounce ideas off of. I miss her more than I can say. It sounds crazy but I’ve found a bit of comfort in the Winnie The Pooh stories by A. A. Milne. Here’s a quote:

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Yesterday the weather was actually half decent and I had mountains of paperwork as well as horses to work with at home, so while friends invited me to a beach ride, I had to decline. While working in the barn and trying not to answer the phone, I decided I am going to restrict some calls to certain times of the week so that I can organize myself and get done what has to be done in my life. I also decided I am going to schedule more work for the horses because they were all quite fresh on Sunday. Why wouldn’t they be? They haven’t been ridden regularly since my mother died. So that needs to be fixed. Another decision – I really REALLY love Lucky, and I know he is so bad sometimes and has such an

Photo by Kurt Morthole

Photo by Kurt Morthole

attitude but he just is so neat. He wants interaction and shows personality, although like a nerdy kid, doesn’t always know what actions are appropriate. The other horses stay away from him because he plays HARD and they know it. He starts out with a BIG hump in his back some days and yesterday was one of them, and he also gave me a big buck when I reinforced a sluggish response to the leg with the dressage whip. Both of those actions do concern me when I ride him, because he’s 17 hands, and it’s a LONG way to fall. My friends have all had hard, painful falls this year off steady, regular mounts, so a green horse is certainly no sure thing to stick on. But darn it, immediately after, he rounds up and trots so light it feels like eating a fresh-baked cream puff out of the oven. So what are you going to do? Well, I just think he’s a cool horse and I’m glad he’s in my barn at least right now.