While I didn’t start out very ambitious, Saturday ended up pretty busy. Worked online two hours when I first got up – fed, did the barn, which is always slow on Saturday morning as I do extra stuff that can’t be done during the week, like cobweb and sweep corners, pick up stuff, etc. Loaded and unloaded over 30 bales of hay, had to jump the truck to start it, something drained the battery from the last time it was used. Rode two horses, jump schooled one, lunged and hacked  the other. Groomed two others. Emptied manure and cleaned up trash. Did laundry, and after dinner, made three (yes, three!) desserts – cookies, brownies and a cherry dream pie dessert with graham cracker crust. So…. it can snow at any time! Time to get busy and get stuff done so I can hunt today, one of the last hunting days available. They have already started March Madness over on the Chester side of the peninsula.