1978621_10152040765722613_1934792970_nHunt ball: received a lovely certificate and got my COLORS! Yay! That is so exciting. Now I get to try and find buttons and how to put a green collar on my black wool hunt coat. Accepting donations…..had a lot of neat stuff at the silent auction, and I won the Spode hunt plates! Wendy really wanted them, now I feel bad, but they match my new living room colors.

Trying to get horses ridden. I sent in an entry, so the next day of course it rained for three days straight, Lucky poked his ankle with something and it blew up over night, he is losing hair on his butt, and came in with bloody scrape on the other front leg tonight. Oh and he has a halter rub, too. And dandruff. And I had to twitch him to finish pulling his mane and he was pissed at me for three days! He wouldn’t even eat a cookie from my hand. He did eat it when I put it in his tub, though.

Hamish was a great ride tonight, as was Lucky. If his Royal Red Highness prances around the dressage arena at the Thoroughbred show like he did tonight, he will be impressive indeed!

New saddle is awesome but I can’t get the stirrup length comfortable. Too long tonight. Last time I rode in it they were too short. Gauughhhh.
Rugby is doing OK. Seems OK, no too uncomfortable in his second tube of the EPM treatment so far so good.
What a shame hunting is over! The footing and weather are just getting good enough to ride consistently!
But my arena is STILL underwater a bit from the three inches we got over the weekend.
Hamish says he’s wishing there was more hunting. Me too, Hammie.