2013-12-06 10.42.58It’s a beautiful Saturday morning; I have lots and lots of work to do in the barn, outside, in the yard, the driveway needs work, the manure pile, the list goes on….but first, this morning, I had to help Charlie back to God. It hit me hard perhaps because I’m still mourning my mother’s loss. He was suffering and was losing function, crying, then sleeping, and nearly comatose at the vet’s. (Thank you, Lord, for the great and kind people at Governor’s Avenue Animal Hospital in Dover, DE. They saved me today.) I am missing him and Jax, left at home, is also missing him. Although, I think Jax is rather glad to be Only Dog again. Charlie was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia about the time I had to go back to Seattle to watch my mother die, and when I got home, he’d lost weight and was not doing well. He hung on about 6 months. So here, I am taking the time to put up a little memorial that can live online for my dear little dog Charlie who was always a good dog and always a happy dog no matter what happened or where it went around here. He was a great dog, and I am just now realizing how much joy he brought to my life. Why do they have to be gone before you realize how lucky you were to have such a great friend? No goodbyes. Just look up Mom, when you get to heaven, Charlie, and make sure she gives you a treat. She was a great cook, and Charlie was a great eater, so I am sure they are getting along super!

2013-05-23 08.39.002012-07-07 17.24.02DSCN1328