Where am I – how am I doing?

I am focusing less on conditioning and training the horses right now, and more on getting myself well and keeping healthy both physically and mentally. Riding made a condition I have worse recently, so I took nearly a month off riding to heal. I am waiting to see if the time helped. Also, hot summer days are murder on my auto-immune system, so I have to take a “no outside work” break in the deepest part of summer. So for these reasons I had to back off the horses a bit. Indy went to a new home in Virginia with his owner and I am ecstatic that he will be closer to her and get more attention. That’s a good thing.

I wrote a piece for Horse Junkies United about why we event even though two tragic deaths rocked the sport in June; it got thousands of views and spread all over the world, including being read and distributed by the executive director of British Eventing, who said it explained very well what we do, to others who do not understand the sport. I asked a question about bullying in the horse world on the COTH bulletin board, and it received the most views of any post of the week. My older blogs occasionally pop up in feeds and links; my writing is widely read. I am just now beginning to believe myself! (Yah. Don’t waste too much time on that notion.)

How are the horses? Lucky is good. Working on getting in front of the leg more. Working on ground manners. Rugby relapse is evident – not doing well. George – about the same, struggling to find time for him. Hamish – my favorite ride but woefully out of shape. Got to get going on these guys, but I am good day – bad day physically, so have to do it as I can. Frustrating because I cannot keep a proper schedule. It is what it is.

I may take a road trip in July to Virginia to watch the last tryouts for the WEG team and see the sights in blue-blood country. Anyone up for that?