Trying to get ready for fall.

Hacking horses as best I can given the circumstances (health, weather, footing, big black horseflies, etc.)

Working towards the day when I am free.

Don’t forget, is live but not yet developed, and will probably get going later on this year as the light fades and I get more time at night to work online. I am trying to put together a top resource for a world-wide information place for eventing, event horse enthusiasts, eventing fans and others who are either interested in event horses and their training, sales and competition, or riders and trainers who are involved with event horses. It’s going to be all about the horse.

Finally got a chance to watch and listen to Doug Payne’s video of Running Order’s career, and he actually mentions moi at the Fair Hill International monsoon year — being in the warmup all by himself in the pouring rain. What a great guy, and he was a super trooper during that day.

These things make me feel a little brighter and more positive in a dark and dank world.

Onward.2012 hammock jump original